Who Is Sinektiks?

Sinektiks is an interdisciplinary firm, enabling us to evolve our client’s ideas into high-quality design. We are planners, giving us the awareness to know how a development project comes together.  We are developers, making us more experienced designers. We are designers, providing us an appreciation for the complexities of design. We are project managers, helping us to understand the implications decisions have on every project. In combining the knowledge gained from these diverse disciplines, we can produce a more complete project that better serves our clients.

Sinektiks LLC is a creative services design firm specializing in design, master planning and project management of community and housing as well as mix-use developments. Our master planning team serves on the project development team from site selection through the conceptual design phase of a project. Our project management team serves on the project development team from conceptual design phase through the post construction phase of a project.

Our focus is to establish strong connections with the development team to ensure their expectations are met, and take all the elements associated with design and construction of a project into consideration for successful delivery of the overall product.